Telenor balance save code guide while using internet 2023

Telenor balance save code while using internet 2023

Telenor balance save code The best offer to save Telenor balance is *7799#. To save Telenor balance, dial “ you know All of Pakistan’s phone companies, including Telenor, have started to use codes to lock balances.
Does using the internet hurt your bank account? Do you have an internet package, but the still network keeps taking money out of your account?

people often say that “their whole balance has been taken by the network.” This is a problem that all communication networks in Pakistan we have make best solution for you.

We’ve talked about how to save your current balance with a code and Android settings. Just dial the code *7799# and don’t worry about anything.

Balance save code telenor

Telenor has released the best way to save your balance while using the internet for free. The above trick saves money, and you should try it at least once.

  • Use your phone’s dial pad to call 345.
  • Now confirm by saying “1.”
  • The network is going to check.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you soon.
  • Congratulations, you’ve signed up for the “Balance Save Service.

how to save balance in telenor best trick

This is the second famous code for locking your balance. If you dial this number from your Telenor SIM, you’ll see magic happen.

  • Use your SIM to call *7799#.
  • Now, do what the network tells you to do.
  • Do and confirm that you want to subscribe.
  • You signed up for the “Balance Lock Service.” Call 7799.
  • These new buckets are for people who want to get more call packages from Telenor at a low price.

how to save telenor balance using by mobile setting

You can just block the apps and browsers that make your balance go down when you’re online. Many SIM cards don’t work right with these codes. But we also told you about a way to save your balance while using the internet on your phone with Telenor. This setting is the only way to lock your balance for good.

  • Open the settings on your phone (Android or iPhone).
  • Now, click on “Network settings.”
  • Tap or click “Mobile Data.”
  • There will be a new list.
  • This is a list of all the apps that can get to your information.


Telenor balance save code is *7799#. This code lets Telenor customers save their remaining mobile balance while using the internet. By dialing this code, the current internet session will end and the remaining balance will be saved for later.
Overall, the Telenor balance save code can be helpful for customers who want to save their remaining balance for later use, especially if they are on a tight budget or have a low balance.

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