warid weekly call package code 2023 best price

warid weekly call package code
warid weekly call package code

Warid Weekly Call Package Code

Warid weekly call package code 2023,Warid’s weekly call packages are a great deal for customers who use them all the time. Even though being a student is important, many of them go crazy for call packages so they can talk to friends and family for long periods of time. Without call bundles, they can’t talk to their friends. Customers can choose from different bundles each week to connect their families and turn on their bundle.

Warid Calling Plans 2023

Warid weekly call package work well for people who are crazy enough to tell their friends everything about their day. So, the point of the Warid weekly call package is to give students a chance to talk on the phone with their families. Check out the Warid Advance Code as well.

warid weekly Call Package Both Jazz and Warid know that talking about a call with a friend can make you happy. With Warid’s weekly call packages, you can stay in touch with friends and family for a whole week.

There are two warid weekly call package and bundles for people with prepaid plans. The 7 Day Offer and the Poora Hafta Offer are meant to help Warid customers who like to talk on the phone during the week.

  • Warid Weekly Call Package Internet: 700MB SMS: 700 Jazz Minutes: 700
  • Another 70 minutes:
  • Valid for: Seven Days
  • Price includes tax: Rs. 110
  • SUB-Code: Dial 997# Check-Code: 997*2#
  • Warid Packages Weekly Code Internet: 250MB SMS: 1000 Jazz Minutes: 350
  • Valid for: Seven Days
  • Price includes tax: Rs. 80
  • Text “WO” to 3333

Warid Packages Every Week 2023

The Warid Weekly Call Package Code *997# gives you 700 minutes on-net, 70 minutes off-net, 700 SMS, and 700 MB of internet. Enjoy the discounted prices of the Poora Hafta Offer for the whole week. The Poora Hafta Offer is a good bundle that has everything prepaid users need to make things easy.

The Poora Hafta Offer gives you 1000 SMS, 100 on-net minutes from Monday to Saturday, and 250 on-net minutes on Sunday. These Warid Weekly Call Packages will help their clients in the best way possible.

All of the call bundles and VAT are included in the

terms and conditions

terms and conditions warid weekly call package code

  • The above packages can only be used by people who have signed up for Warid.
  • The first conversion is free and has no strings attached.
  • If you switch to a different package in the future, the cost should be taken out of the amount you still owe.
  • International calls cost money, which is taken out of your account balance.
  • For all of these packages, except GST, the company may be able to take out more money.
  • If you want to know how many SMS are left, use the code that comes with each bundle.
  • All of the above bundles are only for people who use Jazz or Warid.
  • You can only use one offer at a time, but you can use more offers after the first one has run out.
  • Your offer will end right away if you don’t have enough money in your account.
  • The daily package can be used for 24 hours, and the other packages can be used until the times listed.

warid monthly call package 2023

warid Monthly Call Packages 2023: Warid users can also sign up for Warid Monthly Call Packages. This network gives its customers more than one monthly call package so that customers who usually make unlimited calls can use these packages to their advantage. Information about monthly call plans is given below.

  • Monthly Hybrid Bundle Rs 444: Call *430# to get 10,000 Jazz and Warid minutes (maximum of 333 minutes per day), 1GB of data, 1,000 text messages, and 50 off-net calls.
  • Monthly Super Duper Offer Rs 533 Dial *706# 3000 Jazz & Warid minutes, 3GB, 3000 SMS, 100 Off-net minutes
  • Super Duper Plus gives you 4000 Jazz and Warid minutes, 8GB, 4000 SMS, and 200 off-net minutes for Rs. 889 per month.
  • Monthly Super Duper Card Rs 600 Dial *601# 2000 Jazz/Warid mins 2000 SMS 150 Off-net mins 2GB

For the Warid Super Duper Monthly card, go to the nearest store and pay Rs. 600 for a scratch card. By dialling *601#, you can also sign up for this offer. Some of the rules for these packages are listed below.

Those packages that are only available in certain areas are only for people who live there.
After the offer’s time has passed, you have to sign up for it again.
Depending on the type of package, the MBs can be used for 2G, 3G, or 4G.

warid weekly call package FAQs

How do I get free warid minutes?

Before each recharge, dial *277# to get 20 free minutes.

How do I get ahead of the game?

Dial *112# to get your Rs.15 advance balance for Warid Advance.

How can I find out if my warid package came?

Dial *321# to see what bundles have been turned on.

You can sign up for Warid Call Packages 2023, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly if you also use Warid. We have listed the activation codes and deactivation codes for these daily, weekly, and monthly call packages. You can use these codes to turn on or turn off these call packages. Now, you can activate any of the good budgets that fit with your budget. So, look at all of the budgets and choose one to sign up for.

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